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Pursuing and obtaining judgments is a preferred activity for many lawyers. Countless attorneys and law firms use the power of the law and the courts to help clients obtain settlements and judgments. They take business and real estate-related civil matters before judges and juries. They feel successful when clients prevail and take from a court a document stating how many thousands of dollars someone or some entity should pay them in damages for some wrongdoing.

However, a law firm’s vigorous pursuit of a judgment sometimes slows way down after a client receives a judgment. Many lawyers do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to help their clients actually collect on judgments.

Judgment Collections Bring Money; Judgment Enforcement Brings Compliance With A Court Order

The Law Office of James A. Stearman is a valuable resource for resolution of judgment collection problems. Attorney James A. Stearman is a licensed private investigator in addition to being an effective dispute resolution attorney. He helps businesses, individuals and attorneys through the judgment collection process. He applies knowledge of databases and methods for discovering and tapping into resources. These resources can often satisfy judgments including personal injury verdicts and settlements, business litigation, judgments in civil court and spousal support orders through family law courts. His clients benefit from his high success rate in judgment collection.

Mr. Stearman also pursues enforcement such as enforcement of purchase agreements or of family law orders requiring spouses to sell properties and divide proceeds as part of a divorce.

Attorney referrals are welcome to contact Law Office of James A. Stearman. In many cases, Mr. Stearman interacts solely with attorneys, with no contact with the plaintiffs named in a civil judgment.

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