A Southern California Lawyer Adept At Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) And Traditional Negotiations

When a legal dispute threatens to ruin a business deal or real estate transaction, parties must find a path to resolution that does not break the bank. The costs of a trial can easily surpass any gain to be had from bringing a full-blown lawsuit. Real estate non-disclosure and breach of contract remedies can be reached through several well-proven strategies, including:

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
    • Mediation
    • Arbitration
  • Negotiations geared toward out-of-court settlements

Resolving Civil Disputes Out Of Court

Real estate buyers, commercial landlords and tenants, parties to business contracts and injured parties in Orange County communities such as Anaheim, Fullerton and Santa Ana and throughout California often cannot bear the financial or emotional toll of a courtroom battle. Nonetheless, legitimate complaints demand resolution when someone has been wronged. At the Law Office of James A. Stearman, successful resolution of civil disputes often takes this type of path (simplified for the sake of illustration here):

  • An initial discussion between the attorney and the client (a plaintiff or a defendant in a dispute)
  • Strategy design
  • Fact-finding, discovery and preparation of a well-documented complaint or defense
  • A letter from attorney James A. Stearman to a legal opponent, proposing a resolution
  • Negotiations in person, on the phone or by other methods such as through counterproposals
  • If negotiations are not fruitful, mediation
  • If mediation does not yield an agreement, arbitration

Depending on the specifics of a case, a dispute may reach resolution through interactions between attorneys and parties to the dispute. The Law Office of James A. Stearman has a track record of many successful out-of-court settlements. As a former volunteer judge pro tem with Orange County Superior Court for 20 years, lawyer James A. Stearman is well-prepared to help disputants negotiate satisfactory settlements that would pass muster in a courtroom.

When A Dispute Calls For A Mediator Or Arbitrator

In mediation or arbitration, a mediator or an arbitrator assumes a neutral position. The goal in every case is a reasonable settlement with as little wasted time and effort as necessary. Attorney James A. Stearman often assumes this role. His experience as a mediator and arbitrator on the panel of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) speaks to his skills and effectiveness in alternative dispute resolution. For information and help with a civil dispute, call 714-872-9311 or send an email to request a consultation.