Orange County Lawyer Guiding Buy-Sell Agreements And Transactions

Buy-sell agreements of many varieties make up a significant portion of the law practice of attorney James A. Stearman. The Law Office of James A. Stearman provides guidance through all phases of buy-sell transactions on behalf of business and real estate clients. These buy-sell agreements and transactions have to do with:

  • Residential and commercial real estate contracts
  • Business and commercial contracts
  • Purchase and sale of stock, assets, services and more
  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Commercial and residential real estate leases

As you prepare to conduct high-dollar transactions, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities. Deadlines, limitations, obligations and other terms should be clear in a strong legal contract. For best results, work with a lawyer who will watch out for your interests. James A. Stearman fills the bill for many business owners, business purchasing managers and real estate buyers and sellers in and around Orange County and throughout California.

Beware of oral agreements or unclear terms when creating business deals or agreeing to buy-sell real estate transactions. Never make an oral agreement before talking to a lawyer. Be proactive rather than reactive. See an attorney before problems have become entrenched through oral agreements or signatures on documents.

For Enforcement Of Buy-Sell Contracts

If you are seeking an attorney to help enforce performance of a buy-sell agreement or transaction, the Law Office of James A. Stearman can meet the need. See the page on this website entitled “Mediation, Arbitration And Negotiations” for information on traditional and alternative dispute resolution opportunities through this law firm.

Request A Consultation With A Southern California Contracts Attorney

Whatever the substance of the contract you enter into, you need to understand the terms of the contract. You should know your rights and obligations before agreeing to buy or sell anything. For advice and representation in a buy-sell agreement, call 714-872-9311 or send an email.